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The ongoing story of the rebuilding of a 1977 Honda CB550 F2                                          by  Tom McQuiggan



14th Jan 06
Saturday - gorgeous sunshine. Wahoo!! Managed to get a few hours into the rebuilding today. Spent most of it polishing and my fingers are red-raw! The good thing, is that I was at least able to push the bike outside in the sunshine and work on the drive instead of being cooped up in that dark garage.


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As you can see from the engine shots above, it's not looking too bad. Damned site better than it used to huh?  The back end too, looks pretty good. That original chainguard is in mint condition. The rear lamp cluster looks almost as good as the day it came out of the factory!


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21st Jan 06  If you missed the carb-pic on the remedial-page, then here's another look. The carbs were previously in a very grubby state and now look fine, especially with their shiny new power filters. There was only just enough clearance for the choke lever    The (NOS) speedo and tacho look a treat!!
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Just started work on refitting the electrics. Not my favourite job, but it has to be done nonetheless. Since it was such a lovely day today, I couldn't resist popping the tank on and taking some pix to get an idea of what she might look like when she's finished. Obviously, there's no exhaust or carbs fitted yet. I think the carbs are gonna be a pain to refit - just a hunch
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22nd Jan 06 As you can see in Pic-20, I have now fitted the carbs.  Also fitted the Motad silencer today. Couldn't fit the frontpipes cos I'm still waiting for the damned exhaust collars to come back from the chroming company. The engine crash-bars are also at the chromer's.

25th Jan 06 Got stuff back from chromer's - did a great job! BUT, had to ring Motad UK to let them know their exhaust system wouldn't go together. Describing the problem to them, they agreed that the downpipes were too long and agreed to send out another set. Can't do anything until they arrive.

30th Jan 06 Still not received the exhaust from Motad. Rang them up and they said they had used DHL (big mistake) and would look into it tomorrow.

2nd Feb 06 Exhaust system arrived! Delay was no fault of Motad - it was those crap couriers DHL (forget the hype, they're terrible). System went on without any real problems. Best way to do it (I found) was to put the system together on the floor, leaving off header pipe number 3, then offer the whole thing up to the engine. Once the system's on you can fit header 3. Don't forget to tighten up that pinch bolt where the pipes meet the silencer.

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4th Feb 06 Refitted tank and connected fuel-line. Fitted new spark-plugs. Filled engine with Putoline oil. Refitted battery and grab-rail, then wired up the rear indicators. Connected rev-counter. Checked all other wiring again. Fitted stainless-steel Allen Bolts to engine casings. Checked that everything was connected up and bolted up, ready for final countdown. Time for a cuppa!

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4th Feb 06 Stared at machine for ages and couldn't think of anything that I'd left off or forgotten to do, so I stuck the key in the ignition, turned on. Everything lit up as it should do and all the indicators worked fine, headlights lit, neutral light glowed green, so I hit the starter button! Vroooom!!!!  Wahoo!! She started first time and purred like a kitten!

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