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Now you can sleep at night…

It takes seconds to break in! It only takes minutes to fit Blockade protection, saving you time and money when your vehicle could be off the road due to theft or damage.

The Armaplate Blockade was introduced to compliment the Sentinel Range. The design of the handles on some vehicles means that the Sentinel is not quite appropriate due to either the depth of the handle or its overall size.

The Blockade provides protection in three ways…

1) The outer plate provides a high visual deterrence and puts off most thieves from even approaching your vehicle in the first place.

2) The outer stainless-steel plate provides an extremely tough barrier in the event event of an attack, preventing the many opportunist thieves from puncturing the doorskin.

3) The inner steel plate(s) provide a secondary layer of protection where required (vehicle dependent).

The Blockade is not a universal fit! Each plate is designed specifically according to the vulnerability of every door and offers the best protection possible.

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The Armaplate BLOCKADE is a HIGH SECURITY product which is bolted onto your vehicle, but has no visible fixings on the outside.

It protects the vulnerable area around the door handle which thieves attack to reach the lock mechanism and linkages.

Like the Sentinel, it provides a barrier of 3 layers of steel to protect the lock mechanism from attack.

This is a FIT & FORGET device which requires no input from the driver and there’s no extra keys to manage.