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The Guardian offers excellent value for money and is well suited to the ownr-driver who doesn’t carry high-value cargo.

Made from high-grade stainless steel, these security plates act as a strong visual deterrent and are incredibly easy to fit.

The plates are bonded to the door of the vehicle using a VERY HIGH BOND adhesive made by 3MTM providing extreme adhesion.

The Guardian can also be used as an effective repair to doors which have already suffered a theft-attack, saving hundreds of pounds in bodyshop fees.

“It was so easy to fit. Took no time at all”

It takes seconds to break in! It only takes minutes to fit Guardian protection, saving you time and money when your vehicle could be off the road due to theft or damage.

The Armaplate Guardian is designed to protect your van against opportunist theft attacks by entirely encasing the vulnerable area around the door locks with a high grade stainless steel plate, manufactured to ISO9001.

The Guardian is a strong visual deterrent and also acts as an instant repair to doors which have already been damaged by thieves and yet it takes only minutes to install.

Armaplate are so confident in the Guardian system that they include a lifetime guarantee.

Unlike the Sentinel, the Guardians are bonded onto the doorskin using a Very High Bond gasket made by 3MTM. These gaskets have incredibly high adhesion qualities and provide considerable protection against the myriad opportunist thieves out there.

The Guardian is popular with owner-drivers but is also used by some fleet-operators who don’t carry high value cargo.

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