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“Vans left crippled as gang steals £39,000 worth of catalytic -converters over the weekend”.

The Bolton News

“I wouldn’t put one of my vehicles on the road without an ArmaCat fitted”

The soaring prices of precious metals has led to a dramatic increase in the theft of Catalytic-Converters and DPFs. Replacements can cost over £2000, not to mention the inconvenience, downtime and potential loss of business. Protect yours now by fitting an ArmaCat to your vehicle.

The ArmaCat is the solution you’ve been looking for. Fantastic value for money, simple to install and secure enough to prevent all but the most severe theft-attacks. CATs and DPFs can be stolen using the very simplest of tools and it typically takes less than 60 seconds! In fact, before installing ArmaCat, one of our clients lost eight cats in just over four minutes!

The ArmaCat works by encasing the CAT/DPF in a clamp manufactured to ISO9001 and made from high grade stainless-steel for strength and durability. Along with high-security fixings, the ArmaCat comes with an ultra strong stainless-steel cable which secures the device to the chassis of the vehicle.

The ArmaCat is available for a wide variety of vans and is very simple to install. Each model is specifically tailored to a particular vehicle so as to maximise the security features and ease of fitting. Our product was tested by an International Vehicle Manufacturer not only for good levels of security but also for the correct levels of heat dissipation! Cats and DPF’s operate at extremely high temperatures and if the heat is not allowed to escape at the designed rate, damage can occur to the cat. Our product is unique in this respect.

Armaplate are so confident about this product, they include a *Lifetime Guarantee!

From just £101 - Will it fit my van?

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