The new Ford Transit and Custom vans have become one of the most theft-attacked vans in the world, thanks to security weaknesses in the design of the lock barrels and door handles.

As many tradesmen and fleet-operators are finding out to their cost, it is laughably easy to break into a Ford Transit or Custom (2014 onwards). We’re not talking about high-tech crime here - we’re talking about common thievery carried out by opportunists who walk around the streets looking for easy targets.

It takes just seconds for these opportunists to break into your van and empty the valuable contents. But it’s not just the loss of contents that causes the problems, it’s the damage to your van and the downtime involved in having it repaired (ready for the next attack).

People think that you need to change the locks on the Transit or Customs but there is no need! Replacing the lock just results in an extra set of keys and another lock that is there to be attacked!

The best solution is to protect the locks and handles by encasing the vulnerable areas around them in steel, using the ultra high security Armaplate Sentinels.

The Sentinel addresses specific weaknesses in individual vans. One of them, for example, is the Ford lock barrel which can be rotated easily using a simple everyday tool. The design of the Sentinel stops that rotation by providing a thick steel inner-clamp around the barrel instead of Ford’s tin retaining clip!

Once installed, the Sentinel provides the all important first line of defence, which is the visual deterrent! Most thieves see the Armaplates and leave well alone - they’re not looking for a challenge!

The second line of defence is the fact that these security plates are incredibly difficult to overcome in an opportunist theft-attack. The external stainless-steel plate is bolted through the doorskin and attaches to another steel plate on the inside of the door. With the doorskin, this provides a triple barrier of steel to protect your vehicle and its contents.

The real beauty of Armaplate Sentinel is that you don’t have to change your existing lock. There are no extra keys to carry around. There is no driver interaction required. There is no need for maintenance and they will never rust. They are truly FIT & FORGET!


Protect it now WITHOUT changing locks!


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