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Baffled by all the options available to you? Don’t be!! We are the experts in vehicle security and are able to offer you completely impartial advice.  Call us on 0845 838 0700 and we’ll tell you in simple terms what might be the best solution for you.

Armaplate’s reputation in the security industry is second to none and our Sentinel plates have been securing fleets for over 18 years! Occasionally, one of our customers asks us for extra layers of security to compliment our traditional products and when vehicles are carrying high-value cargo, we recommend Armaplate Sentinel Ultra-High security plates alongside a top quality additional locks.

Because additional locks have moving parts, reliability was at the top of our list of priorities and the deadlocks we supply are made from the very finest materials and are Thatcham Quality Assured. So now you can come to Armaplate for all your security needs!

SlamLocks are perfect for fleet-operators who’s drivers frequently need to get in and out of the vehicle during the course of the day.

Courier companies would be a good example - their drivers are constantly stopping and starting and moving goods in and out of the cargo area, often forgetting to lock the door of the van.

We have 2 types of slamlock - one is a replacement type lock and the other (the StrongHold)  is an additional lock which provides staggering levels of security and convenience.

Deadlocks are mechanical devices fitted to vehicle doors. They operate by throwing a bolt into a receiver fitted to the opposing body section when operated by an external key. It’s important to note that deadlocks rely on the driver activating each lock on each door. If you feel that you can’t rely on your drivers to do this, then we suggest you consider self-locking slamlocks.

Deadlocks put up a strong fight against opportunist thieves and when used in conjunction with Sentinels, the workload just becomes too great for the thief and he seeks easier pickings elsewhere. It is important to have deadlocks installed by qualified engineers. All deadlock kits come with two keys, a full guarantee and comprehensive after-sales support.

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