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11th February 20011




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Welcome to the H.A.S. website. We hope you enjoy your visit here and invite you to join us at the Art Club held each Friday evening. Contact me for more details...... click here
Horwich Art Society
The society (or "art-club" as its otherwise known) has been in existence since 1996 and members meet up once a week to paint, learn and generally socialise at a local venue.

The club was formed by Alan Platt, Morton Murray, and Brian Ellison at the Horwich Resource Center and later moved to the Holy Trinity Parish Hall on Church Street. The club is well attended and thanks to the varied age group, has a lively, welcoming atmosphere.

What Do We Have To Offer?
The first and most obvious benefit of becoming a member of the H.A.S. is the pleasure of being with other people who share your love of art. The group is warm and welcoming to new members and we're sure you'll make lots of new friends.

For a couple of hours each Friday (7-9pm) you can relax and enjoy the pleasures of your hobby with no interruptions - apart from a break for tea and biscuits!

Most members bring a piece of work along with them and simply paint! Others sometimes group together to share their individual skills with one another. There's always someone to help out a beginner!

Whilst at the club, you can take advantage of our wide range of facilities which include....

    • Watercolours
    • Water-based oils
    • Soft Pastels
    • Various papers and canvas
    • Sketching materials
    • Charcoal
    • and more!
  • ONLINE GALLERY to upload your paintings to. You can simply share your work with the world, or try to sell the paintings online.

    With tuition in its use and advice on mounting and framing your paintings.
    A sizeable collection of books, videos and magazines to give you inspiration!
    Throughout the year, we have various professional artists in attendance to demonstrate their skills right before your eyes! These are extremely popular and are always very well attended.
    Occasionally, we have a painting competition which gives everyone the chance to win a great prize. Criteria for judging is designed to reflect the different skill levels of the members.
    During the hot summer months (do we have those?) we occasionally arrange to paint outdoors at one of the many scenic locations which grace the towns of Horwich and Bolton. There's always enough drivers to take those members who don't have their own transport.
    Now and then we'll enjoy the company of members from other clubs in the Shire. Again, another great way to meet people and pick up on new skills!
    We organise a number of exhibitions each year, giving you the opportunity to promote and sell your work to the public.
    Every Friday we have a raffle (tickets 20p) and there's always a great prize to be won.
    Once a year, we lay down our brushes and pick up our burgers and glasses! A great evening enjoyed by all.
    Always the last event of the year!

So, no matter what your age, no matter whether your an experienced artist or an absolute beginner, there's something for you at the club! Email us now and start enjoying yourself.

What Does It Cost?

The club-fees are exceptionally low. You can attend Free Of Charge for a couple of nights, just to see if you like it, then to become a member, it costs....

  • 20 Registration Fee
    This is an annual payment and will be adjusted on a pro-rata basis depending on what time of the year you join.
  • 1.50 Weekly Admission
    You only pay this fee when you actually attend. There is no charge for absences!

Club fees are subject to change. Any alterations to the fees will be discussed in the Annual General Meeting and all members will have the opportunity to have their say. Please note that the society is a non-profit making organisation.


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Once you have become a member, you are entitled to display some of your work in your own online art-gallery!

This allows you to share your work with the public (and perhaps even friends and family far away). You can also put a price on each painting and we'll take care of the sale for you including the transfer of monies if required.

Another free service from the Horwich Art Society!

NOTE : This has now been superceded by the introduction of the club's own Blog Gallery.

  Tom McQuiggan  
  Ena Mann  
  Florence Wrigley  
  Jan Hartley  
  David Broadbent  

Got a PC at home and don't know quite how to get the most from it? Don't worry! By request, we can arrange for PC Tuition so that your art hobby can benefit from using the PC.

  • How to scan your paintings properly.

  • How to manipulate the scanned image.

  • How to resize it.

  • How to print your work.

  • Web Design

  • How to upload your pictures to the Blog


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