Motorbikes have always been a keen area of interest for me and in the early years when I didn't have two halfpennies to rub together, I simply "made do" with whatever came along. Now that I'm older (much older) and the kids have grown up, there's some disposable income for the first time ever, so I thought WTF, life's short - have some fun! So I bought a brand new bike. Over the last couple of years I've swapped and changed like a mad man and no doubt some people think I'm a bit of a loon, but I just couldn't find the bike that did everything I wanted. I guess being an impulsive character doesn't help either. Anyway, I buy what I fancy at the time and change it when I fancy something different. Mind you, that's what I did BEFORE the Credit Crunch came along! LOL 

HONDA CB1100SF X11  [1999]
This is one of those bikes you either love or loathe. Needless to say, I love 'em. They're big, brutal, bikes that say "If you like me, hang around. If you don't, fuck off"!  There's nothing sophisticated about them - they just are what they are - proper bikes! Not covered in plastic and not with a tail 6ft in the air for style - It's basically a naked Super Blackbird with more(!) midrange grunt! Funny thing is though, It'll rip your arms from the sockets if you're in hoon mode or it'll whisk you comfortably across the continent if you're in touring mode. (more)
HONDA CB250N  [1980]
This is my "Winter Project". It's a horrible scruffy thing, one level above a hack and I'm about to refurbish it over the winter of 08/09. Unlike my previous projects, this one will not be a full rebuild to concours standards. Instead, it will be a straightforward refurb, spending as little as possible. (more)
HONDA CB400 Super Bol D'or Hyper Vtec Revo III  [2009]
SOLD! SOLD! SOLD!  This is a true Japanese Honda, built in Japan and not exported to the UK, so there are very few of them on British roads. It's a real screamer, not unlike the CB-1 which I used to have, but with much more mid-range thanks to the introduction of the VTEC system, where the engine uses 2 valves per cylinder up to 6,300rpm and then after that, all 4 valves kick into life. (more)
YAMAHA MT-01  [2006]
SOLD! SOLD! SOLD!   This was my most recent acquisition - a thundering great 1700cc V-Twin in a sporty frame with R1 derived brakes, swingarm, etc. Seriously huge amounts of  torque - 111ft/lb at 3750rpm and 90% of that is available at extremely low revs. Hold on tight!

Torque to make you grin like a Cheshire Cat! (more)

SOLD! SOLD! SOLD!   The new RR7 was well received by the press and declared KING of the 600's. Honda had been trailing behind Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki with the RR5 but this new model turned everything upside down. All new engine, new frame, more BHP, more midrange torque. It's nothing short of a complete redesign. Mind you, no doubt it'll be old hat within months... (more)
HONDA VFR  [2007]
SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! A great all-rounder of the highest quality. Likes to spend time in the twisties and is equally at home touring. The high build-quality gives a pride of ownership which none of the others could equal. And then of course, there's that legendary V4 engine...(more)
Yamaha FJR1300 AS  [2007]
SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! Supremely comfortable and eats up the miles with total ease.   154mph, 145BHP, 99f/lb torque,  0-60 in 3.2 secs. Magnificent tourer but a bit of a heavyweight when it comes to popping over to your local bike haunt... (more)
Honda Hornet 900  [2005]
SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! I've always been a Honda fan and the CB900 F2 was the perfect contrast to the big FJR as a second-bike. Amazing amount f low-end grunt and a rush of exhilarating power at higher revs. Also light, nimble and naked... (more)
Triumph TT600 [2001]
SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! The TT600 was something to nip to local haunts on. Only 5,000 miles on the clock and looks like brand new!! Okay so its no youngster, but it's in magnificent condition and that 14,000rpm howler of an engine is just what the Doctor ordered! 155mph, 108BHP, 50f/lb torque. 0-60 in 3.5 secs.  (more)
Moto Guzzi Griso 1100  [2006]
SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! Probably - no definitely - the most beautiful bike I've ever owned. A real piece of Italian styling which attracted onlookers and admirers from all walks of life. It was a stunner and had performance to match. The only problem was vibration... (more)
Honda CBF1000  [2006]
SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! I was so chuffed when I rode this away from the showroom. Detuned Fireblade engine with a brilliant midrange pull and superb handling. This has just got to be the easiest bike in the world to ride - they should issue them to learners!...(more)
BMW R1100S  [2004]
SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! Another cracking bike. And a real beauty as far as I'm concerned. Superbly strong engine with amazing levels of torque and really confidence inspiring suspension. The only down side was the hurtful riding position for fat old guys like me... (more)
Honda Deauville 650  [1998]
SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! Soooo many people misjudge these bikes and call them DullVilles. It's a load of nonsense. There's a lot of fun to be had from the torquey V-Twin engine and its all too easy to find yourself way beyond the speedlimits with this Honda....(more)
Yamaha XJ600N  [1996]
SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! I bought this with just 1,300 miles on the clock and enjoyed it thoroughly. It wasn't sporty and it wasn't fast, but it was a great bike nevertheless. It did pretty much everything you asked and was comfortable enough for looong journeys....(more)
Honda NTV650  [1993]
SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! This was a bit of an impulse buy, but I never regretted it. Awful colour, terrible styling, but superb reliability and a truly gutsy engine. The finish on these bikes was far superior to the later Spanish-built Deauvilles...(more)
Honda CB-1  [1989]
SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! This was purchased as a second bike - something to scratch about on. It was a stunning little machine with the CBR400RR engine which wailed like a screaming banshee when it passed the 13000 revs mark. 100% fun and pleasure...(more)
Honda VFR400 NC30  [1989]
SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! Another superbly built Honda machine. It just oozed and dripped quality and was enormous fun to ride - for about 5 miles - and then the pain kicked in!! You need to be about 21yrs old to ride one of these anywhere. Crippling riding position ...(more)
Honda CB750 F1  [1977]
SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! My magnificent CB750 F1. What a gorgeous bike! Damned heavy though - even pushing it around the garage it felt like a GoldWing! I really wanted a 1969 CB750 but the prices were (are) way too high for my wallet, so this was next best...(more)
Honda CB550 F2  [1976]
SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! Probably my favourite mid-70's Honda. Beautiful engine, gorgeous styling and adequate performance for British roads. Just the right size - not too big, not too small. Perfect for those Sunday summer rideouts. Rebuilt it 2006...(more)
Honda CB400/4 F1  [1976]
SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! My second rebuild and my most accomplished. I managed to turn a virtual wreck into a thing of beauty. When I finished it, it was just too nice to ride and so I sold it to a guy in Japan. Funny to see it going to its birthplace 30 years later...(more)


Sadly, I have no more photos of these bottom four bikes. The GT750 was something I took in part-exchange when I was a car salesman in the mid 80's. The black CB250 SuperDream was bought brand new from Ken's Motorcylces in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Great bike! The KH250 I "found" in the corner of an MOT Station and it was covered in black grease. Paid 150, pressure-washed it and discovered an 8,000mile beauty!!! The very first bike I ever owned was a Honda CB250 G5. Lets say no more!


Isle Of Man TT Races - 2009

I'm going to the TT on a VIP Day Trip courtesy of my employer!!!

On the day of the Senior TT Race, my Son & I are going to be taken to
Blackpool airport, flown over to the IOM, collected by a chauffer in a
Mercedes Limousine, taken around the road circuit and then dropped off
at a VIP spectator area and then collected at 6pm by the limo, back to the
airport and home again!


National War Memorial Portadown, Ireland Highlands, Scotland


Tour Plans

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Local Haunts...

Glasson Dock Glasson Dock Trough Of Bowland
Devil's Bridge Grassington Hawes, Yorkshire
Knott End Rivington Barn Road To Dent
Enroute to Hawes Scorton Village Arnside
Yorkshire Dales Slaidburn Trough of Bowland
Buttertubs Pass Todmorden Settle



Below is a photo of my Dad, Michael McQuiggan. He's sat on his Dad's motorbike which some believe to be a Rudge Ulster but nobody can confirm this for sure. The photo was taken on a patch of ground beside the family home in Portadown, Northern Ireland in 1958.  Dad left Ireland in the early 50's to
seek employment, met my Mum and got married. Sadly, he died aged 27, from cancer.

If you can identify the bike, I'd really appreciate it. Email me.

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