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HONDA  CB400/4

After rebuilding the CB550 in 2005, I decided I needed to do another rebuild in the winter of 2006/7. I was looking for a 1969 CB750 but they were all crazy money so I looked for something more realistic - after all, you never make money on these things. Pretty soon I found a 1976 400/4 in Bolton and with 11,000 miles on the clock, it seemed like the perfect candidate. The engine sounded and ran as sweet as a nut!!! Beautiful sound. Shame the bike wasn't in as good a condition. Anyway, I completed the rebuild in February 2007 and like the 550, it was just too good for these salty roads of ours so I sold it to a guy in Japan.

Yes that's right - the bike went back to Japan - 30 years after leaving.

LOTS AND LOTS of hard work and searching for New Old Stock parts. Worth it in the end though. I was very proud of what I'd achieved.  Now what can I do next??

Here's some pix of the old girl before the rebuild....


This is where it all started 30yrs ago