This purchase may seem a bit unusual considering that I've previously had some pretty big and relatively fast bikes, but to me, it makes perfect sense! My last bike was a 1700cc V-Twin Yamaha MT-01 and it was a beast of a bike weighing in at almost 300Kg with a full tank of fuel. Still, the size and weight didn't concern me too much - it was the appearance! With its dark blue frame, swingarm and wheels, it always looked dull and miserable. At first, it didn't really bother me because I was too damned busy enjoying the monstrous amounts of torque and the fantastic sounding Akrapovics. But it wasn't long before I got sick to death of cleaning and cleaning and cleaning the damned thing. And no matter how much effort I put into it, it still looked errrrr, dull.

I realised that I should have gone for the new model with the all-silver frame and wheels and swingarm, but the truth was - I couldn't dare risk buying one in the current economic climate, so I decided to sell the MT and wait until I can afford a new one maybe next year (or the year after). In the meantime, I could buy a small, lightweight screamer which will become my "second" bike to the new MT when it eventually arrives.

There's something about Honda's range of 400's which has always appealed to me. I'm not quite sure what it is, but it won't go away. It probably dates back to my youth when I would stand outside the local bike shop in 1976 and stare longingly at the red 400/4 in the window. I recall the shop keeper (Charlie Robinson) telling me that there was no need for anything more than a 400cc machine on the roads of Britain. I guess I believed him at the time.

Having toured England, Ireland and Scotland on big bikes, I can't really think how my enjoyment of such a pastime would have beeen hindered by riding a high performance little screamer like the CB400 above. In fact, I'm guessing that it might actually be more fun because you can screw the knackers off one of these without getting locked up in jail. The 13,000 redline and addictive wailing from the exhaust gives you the impression that you're travelling far faster than you actually are, and consequently, you go home feeling fulfilled (unless you're an out and out speed freak - and I'm not).

I was originally going for the regular SuperFour which is a naked bike, but I knew that it wouldn't be long before I fitted a screen, so I decided to buy the semi-faired CB400SB "Super Bol D'or" instead. I kinda like the Bol D'or look and it has the big advantage of protecting you from windblast on those long boring motorway stints up to Scotland or down to the South coast.  It even has a couple of handy compartments in the fairing for your phone, camera, etc, and one of them is lockable.

As you can see, the bike is pretty small in stature and this is one of the very few bikes where I can get both feet firmly on the ground, LOL. Apart from the low seat height, it's also quite narrow. It's kind of ironic that you can always get both feet down on the bikes on which it doesn't really matter.

The bike is fitted with the latest Oxford electronic heated grips, Ignitor Alarm, Scottoiler, Magnum Horn and will soon have a fruity BlueFlame Titanium exhaust to let that engine sing out loud and free!

The delivery of the new bike was originally scheduled for Tuesday 10th March, but needless to say, that day came and went. The supplying dealer told me there had been a problem getting the bike over to a test-station for an SVA Test, so delivery was pushed back to Friday the 13th which would worry some folk, but not me LOL.

Having sold some bits and bats from the garage, I was able to order a BlueFlame Titanium Twin Port EVO3 exhaust. It has removable baffles and the sound can be adjusted depending on which port you "open up" (or both). Delivery in 10 days!

As for luggage, I was pleased to discover that the CB400SB can be fitted with the VENTURA luggage system. This is handy because I have the large Aero Spada and the small Sports Pack left over from the MT-01, so all I have to do is get the rack for the back (which replaces the existing grabrail).

Below, I'll keep a record of everything to do with the CB400, including the addition of any accessories, any service work, etc, etc.


14 Mar 09
Took delivery of the Honda CB400  Super Bol D'or  Hyper VTEC

As you can see, the latest digital heated grips are fitted to the bike. Just need to find a place for the satnav to live.

14 Mar 2009
Installed Stebel Magnum. Beautiful deep tone

14 Mar 2009
Fitted my Ignitor Alarm system today. Simplicity itself!!!

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Here's a video of the fantastic sounding BlueFlame EVO  Coloured Titanium Twin-Port exhaust.

29 Mar 2009
Beautiful day, so I went out and put another 200 miles on her so that I could complete the mileage necessary for the first service. Went to Glasson Dock, Devil's Bridge, Hawes, Buttertubs Pass, Muker, Barnard Castle, Tanhill Inn, Leyburn and then finished off at Rivvy Barn for something to eat.

If I ever won the lottery, the Yorkshire Dales would be my next home. Absolutely gorgeous!!!

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