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Born 15th December 1958 in Bolton, Lancashire (UK). Lived briefly on Boundary Street, Halliwell before moving to Kay Street, closer to the town centre. Spent most my childhood there before moving to Elmstone Grove in my teens. Left home when I was 16 with no qualifications and began work as a plasterer's labourer. That was a bit of a fill-in until such time as I could find my dream job which was a Motor Mechanic. I started my apprenticeship at a Ford Dealership called G & F Seddons in Radcliffe.

My next job was as a Steel Erector. Although it paid fantastic money, it was also fantastically dangerous and I saw quite a few gruesome accidents along the way! In fact, a schoolmate of mine was killed doing the same job. Thank God my own son hasn't gone into anything similar - I wouldn't be able to sleep! Mind you, it's all Health & Safety these days, so it's probably nowhere near as dangerous as it used to be.

After being made redundant in 1980 (just after signing up for a new motorbike) I decided to try my hand at car-sales and started working with my friend and brother in law, Paul Dunn. Much to my amazement, I found that I was pretty good at it and more importantly, I enjoyed it! I worked at Bolton Car Centre, Gordons of Bolton, Russ Rigby Car Sales, Eaves Lane Car Sales and Lookers St Helens.

Later, I started work as an Installation Engineer in the new and exciting world of CableTV. I was employed by one of the contractors (Hook Up Cable TV) servicing the Nynex and Telewest franchises in the North West. I worked every hour that God sent and really tried to stand out from the crowd. As a result, I was soon promoted to the level of Supervisor and then Manager and finally, General Manager. After spending a good few years there, I moved on to a new job in the service industry - namely Millers Bakery Machinery. My title was Operations Manager and the role was quite demanding and varied - and interesting. The pace was always fast and furious. 

After a few years at Millers, my old boss, Shaun McDermott rang me to ask me to go back working for him. Regrettably, I did return but just a few months later they lost their contract with the Cable Operators and the redundancy axe fell upon my neck once more. Determined not to go on the dole, I cracked off a CV and started searching for work. A friend from Sainsbury's told me that a company called Scobie McIntosh might be looking for someone, so I contacted them, had an interview in Scotland and got the Operations Manager's job based in Leeds.

3 years later, I left Scobie's and started work at Armaplate UK Ltd. I'm the Operations Director and have been there since 2005.

Outside work, I have lots of hobbies and interests and they include motorcycles, painting, photography, computers, hi-fi, music, movies, model-making and allsorts of other stuff. Basically, anything that keeps me away from the dreaded Reality-TV!! I especially like to rebuild/refurbish old bikes. And if I'm not doing that, then I'm normally walking or being an armchair-pilot on the PC.

We live in Horwich which is a small place to the North of Bolton. It's quite a handy place for walking because it's on the very edge of the West Pennines. We've been here since 2001 and although it's on a main road, it's not a bad place to live. Close by is the Middlebrook Shopping Complex, complete with a first class Cinema.

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