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Grandson Alfie                                                                               Hi-Res Copy


Back in the 50's, my Mum, Beryl Armstrong, married Michael McQuiggan who'd recently moved to England from Portadown in Northern Ireland. They were soon married and started a family. First born was Jean and just over a year later, me!

Sadly, my Dad died from cancer soon after and Mum was forced to raise me and Jean on her own. Later, she met and married Walter Hagan and we all moved to his family home at 72 Kay Street. We lived in that house until we were in our teens with our step-brothers/sister, Michael, Walt and Marie.

When I was 23, I married Susan Swanick and we started a family about a year later. First born was Michael, then Barry, then Sally. Luckily, none of them had my "ugly gene". 

Unfortunately, Michael was born with a rare genetic disorder called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and he left us when he was just 15 yrs old. He was a kind, beautiful and warm young man and we all miss him very much. There's a site here in remembrance.

 Barry with racing TT legend
 John McGuinness
Michael on a fun day
out with Ken Dodd.

Sally at the caravan

On May 8th 2008, I was touring the coast of Ireland and when I reached Donegal, I got a message on my phone to say my daughter Sally was about ready to give birth to our first grandchild. The next day I rushed to Belfast and jumped on the ferry to Stranraer, then rode home to meet Lil' Alfie.

Then there's the "other" members of the family who are every bit as important as the rest of us... Ruby the Boxer and Lucy the Shih-Tzu...

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