Last Updated 25 Oct 2009

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I only really started to enjoy movies about 4 years ago after I packed in smoking. Previous to that, I'd always wanted to go to the cinema but couldn't bear to go without a cigarette for a couple of hours! So when I packed in smoking, not only did I stop stinking like a horrible wretch, but I also got to enjoy life more!
I'll freely admit that my tastes in movies are not to everyone's liking. My favourite films tend to be sci-fi and in particular, Star Trek - Next Generation. Good old Captain Jean Luc-Picard and Commander Data. I never liked the old Star Trek series much - I couldn't accept those ridiculous furry monster outfits which they tried to pass off as aliens. When STNG came out though, things seemed to improve markedly and it wasn't long before I was a dyed-in-the-wool Trekkie. Initially, it used to annoy me when storylines were based heavily around Data, but within a short space of time, I "got it" and looked forward to every appearance of our binary buddy. When I saw Data get killed in the Nemesis movie, I literally cried like a bitch in the cinema. Sad, I know.

So, apart from Trekkie movies, I like anything to do with time-travel, space exploration and Chinese and Japanese cultures from years gone by. One of my all time favourite films is House Of Flying Daggers. It's a beautiful film with amazing cinematography. It takes you to a different world and allows you to escape reality for a couple of hours. It makes me laugh when people scoff at these films, claiming that they are too far fetched and unrealistic, but then the following night they're queueing up to watch Superman or Spiderman!  Personally, I don't have any time for either of those two comic-book characters, but I do like the X-Men series of films - first class entertainment!
Another film right at the top of my favourites is "CRASH". Boy, what a top film that is! Everyone could learn something from that film!


You've probably guessed from the mention of China and Japan that I like martial arts films. I know some of them are corny and believe me, I try to avoid those like the plague, but that still leaves a lot of very enjoyable movies with great action in fantastic landscapes. Hero is one of them. On par with HOFD. A wonderful watch!

When I get the time, I'll list my movie collection...

This Hi-Definition TV has totally transformed the home movie experience!! Apart from the fact that it's full HD, it's also bloody massive!!  Bear in mind that I watch this in a room which is less than 14ft square. So that, allied with a Blu-Ray player, a 7.1 (eight speaker) Surround System and you can imagine how much fun it is to stay in and watch a movie. Now, where's the popcorn?


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