Last Updated 25 Oct 2009

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This is where we'll put photos of our pets. We used to have a Boxer and a Shar-Pei but they both died. Sonya the Boxer started suffering from epileptic fits when she was about 13 and Tyson the Shar-Pei got cancer about 6 months later.  Soon after, I bought Sue a Shih-Tzu bitch named Lucy. She goes absolutely everywhere with Sue and has quickly become an important part of the family. We recently got Lucy a friend in the form of Ruby the Boxer.
Lucy Ruby

Ruby 8wks and Lucy 2yrs

Ruby's starts boxing straight away Sue can't resist a quick squeeze and a kiss
(she's the same in the pub)
Ruby adores Alfie!                                                                   And she likes to sleep with her tongue out too

In case you're wondering, yes, we are mindful of the fact that Lucy would feel pushed out if we didn't heap praise and attention on her too. Before we do anything with Ruby, we start off by cuddling and praising Lucy first. The two are getting on very well so far. Lucy dominates of course, but that's to be expected. No nastiness - just a bit over zealous during play. And she just can't stop chomping on Ruby's big ears! LOL

More photos to follow soon...


Ruby at Dog Training Ruby at Dog Training

Ruby's training-buddy..... Mr Darcy

NO! I don't want to do that!  
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