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To give me something to do over the dark and dreary Winter months, I've decided to become a "Model Shipwright". I'll be starting this new hobby with a wooden boat made by a company called Billingham Boats. It's a model called the No. 605 "St. Roch" and is aimed at the advanced beginner (Even though I'm a complete rookie!).

To assist me in climbing the steep learning curve ahead of me, I have joined the Model Ship World community and am fortunate enough to live around the corner from the founder of that group (Jim Hatch). If you're new to the hobby or an old sea-dog, you would benefit greatly from joining MSW. Please be patient when visiting this site because the kit will take a loooong time to complete and activity will probably seem to be very, very low.

NEWS: 22nd March 2010 - Just subscribed to DeAgostini's HMS VICTORY magazine and have started a blog to record the build over on THIS PAGE. It's a two year project and should be very interesting and demanding in the extreme for a rank beginner like me.



Billingham Boats No.605 St.Roch

Key Dates

  • Sep 29 2006 - Started the build
  • Sep 27 2006 - Started this weblog to record
    the build of my first model.
  • Sep 23 2006 - Got my first wooden kit!
  • Oct 08 2006 - Shelved project!
  • 22 March 2010 - Ordered HMS Victory
  • 29 March 2010 - Restarted St Roch kit!!