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Ruby’s Nature


On the right you can see the courting couple, Benji and Ruby. They “got together” on the 6th February 2012 and Ruby is due to have her babies on the 9th April.  

Ruby is two and a half years old and Benji is 4 years old.

This is Ruby’s first and last litter. We will not be breeding her again.

Great With Kids and other dogs!

Ruby was the smallest of the litter and that’s why we chose her. We’ve had Boxers in the past and we’ve always preferred smaller bitches to larger dogs.

Her temperament is as sweet as you could wish for and although she’s as boisterous as any other Boxer, she’s always been quick to calm down when told.

Her absolute favourite pastime is cuddling! She is the world’s greatest! LOL. When she was a pup, everyone was queuing up to get her on their lap, but now she weighs 28 kilos, it’s a bit different :-)

Of course Ruby has no idea she’s put weight on, so she still believes it’s fine to lay on top of your chest and snuggle up with her head on your shoulder.

When you’re thinking of buying a puppy, it’s good to know that it comes from parents who are friendly, sociable dogs - and that’s certainly true of Ruby and Benji.

Benji is a very large, boisterous boy but he’s incredibly sweet natured and eager to play with just about everything and everyone!  Ruby’s the same - she loves to be around kids and has no problems with other dogs (or any animals for that matter).

Ruby is always pretty calm and doesn’t get over-excited. She’s fantastic with kids and like most Boxers, she seems to understand that toddlers are vulnerable. When our grandson is around, Ruby follows him everywhere. She’s his best pal.

Meet  Ruby and her babies

Ruby has always been calm around other dogs and has never shown any aggression even when other dogs have acted aggressively toward her. She lives with our Lucy, who is a Shih-Tzu.

RUBY - Full Pedigree Boxer. KC Registered. AK03979006  “TILLY’S PRIDE”.
Parents : Sire - Rusky Dusky. Dam - Eukan Barroness
BENJI - Full Pedigree Boxer.  KC Registered. Details to follow”.
Parents : Sire - To Follow.        Dam - To Follow